Fall 2018 Rush Sign-Up

Information for Fall 2018 Recruitment

Recruitment is the time period where potential new members are encouraged to connect and explore different chapters and learn more about the active members, build an understanding of what fraternity life could provide for their future, and possibly obtain an invitation to become part of a brotherhood. With each fraternity, you will find a different unique set of principles and values on which they were founded upon and actively uphold. Currently, there are 3 active fraternities (Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Alpha, and Theta Chi) within the IIFC that are aiming to expand their membership in this upcoming Fall Recruitment. The IIFC is sponsoring a Fall Rush week that involves rush events throughout a full week with each chapter holding their own events and inviting potential new members to experience them. The basic requirement for a potential new member to possibly obtain an invitation per the IIFC Bylaws is: a new member must have a minimum of a 2.3 GPA or above the All Men’s Average GPA. Some fraternities may have different membership standards on which they look for, so be sure to ask every chapter about what standards they look for. The IIFC encourages every potential new member to visit every chapter and get an understanding of what opportunities lie ahead of them.

IIFC Fall Recruitment Dates

  • If you’re interested in possibly joining a fraternity, it is HIGHLY encouraged to come to the following FREE events:
    • IIFC Cookout” at Rick’s Pizza (1305 N. Virginia St) on August 26th from 3pm-5pm
    • “IIFC Food and Info Session” at the Manzanita Bowl (south end of campus) on August 30th from 4pm-7pm
    • “IIFC Football Tailgate” at 115 College Dr. (near the LLC dorm) on August 31st from 1pm-3pm
  • Make sure to fill out the IIFC Recruitment Interest Form above (google form) so that your contact information is given to all IIFC Fraternities and so you can be updated on Rush and upcoming events.
  • Besides all IIFC Unified Events, each chapter will hold their own rush events at their respective houses or other facilities.
  • The IIFC Fall Recruitment will begin on September 1st and end on September 9th
  • We highly encourage you to stop by any rush event that interests you and/or fits your schedule; the more events you go to, the more fun and experience you will gain.